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GW let out by himself

Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Fri, August 26, 2011 22:18:14

Trying to recover from the Edinburgh trip yesterday. Decided to catch up on the new look National Museum of Scotland. I am definitely out of touch. Building is beautiful but the exhibits left me cold other than the model ships. Too much space. Too much big writing. Motor bikes half way up a wall. Auto gyro hung vertically. Why can you not go and loose yourself in an atmosphere anymore? Everything has to be an ’experience’ and boy are we told what to experience.

Better was the hour I wandered in Grey Friar’s grave-yard now that was worthwhile. Probably because there was no big sign saying ’This is a grave yard’

Earlier I went to the Scottish Poetry Library afternoon reading at the courtyard steps. I had not intended to read but could not resist. It was a small crowd but good fun.

Evening event was the Gutter Magazine poetry reading in the Fruit Market Gallery. Very enjoyable. Jim Ferguson, Jim Carruth and Graham Fulton were the reason I decided to go and they exceeded my expectations. What with the chat, some libations, I missed last train home from Glasgow so bread and water for a few days to pay off the taxi.


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