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Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Sun, August 21, 2011 13:28:38

Been writing a lot of reviews lately for the British Fantasy Society and Concatenation. One of them was for China Mieville's latest novel "Embassytown".

China was supposed to be appearing at the Edinburgh Book Festival tonight, but cancelled, which is shame as I was hoping to hear him read something new, and get the new book signed, as well as a mega-proof of his last novel,"Kraken" (and I mean mega-proof, it is a kraken of a book - not your standard format).

On my website, I've just written two mini-reviews of the last two books I've read: the Pulitzer Prize winning "A Visit from the Goon Squad" by Jennifer Egan, and "Dinkin Dings and the Curse of Clawfinger" by Guy Bass.

You can read that here:

Also, at the mighty "The Horror Zine" site, my review of Adrian Chamberlin's "The Caretakers" has just been posted, here:

You'll see a picture of the dashing Mr. Chamberlin, and one of me in a cafe in Elie enjoying the best mocha in the world (well, it was then, but sadly, no more).

If you are into horror - stories, poems, art, information, then "The Horror Zine" is the place to go.

Happy reading.


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