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Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Wed, April 13, 2011 11:18:08

No, not me, sadly, but I review books for "Interzone" - the UK's leading science fiction and fantasy magazine that's been going decades, but is now run by TTA Press, who also publish "Black Static", arguably the world's best horror magazine. They also publish "Crimewave" magazine and small novels and short story collections that are worth getting hold of by Paul Meloy ("Islington Crocodiles"), Andrew Humphrey ("Alison"), and Gary McMahon ("The Harm") .

Check them out here:

You can also sign up for their very lively forum while you are at it.

Just through the letter box to review is a proof copy "Songs of the Earth" by Elspeth Cooper:

The last two books I've read for "Interzone" have been really great - "Vampire Empire 1: The Greyfriar" (featuring among other things the Vampire Prince of Scotland), and "After the Golden Age", so hopefully this will be three out of three, or I'll be asking for my money back - wait a minute, I didn't pay for it!


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