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Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Sat, April 02, 2011 13:33:09

Phew, was I glad when we reached 1st of April as it meant that the submission period for the first issue of "Unspoken Water" closed, as I've been getting snowed under with poems and stories and artwork from a lot of talented people all around the world.

The submission period will reopen on 1st July for issue two.

More details about "Unspoken Water" can be found here:



Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Sat, March 26, 2011 20:50:06

Yes, just like it says on the label, I won the first Scotia Short Story competition after taking part in the last of the four heats - which, according to the judges was one of the toughest ones. I read my story "The Cutting Edge of Art" which is a darkly humourous piece about a desperate artist who resorts to "Stalker Art - a creative invasion of privacy" as his next big project and makes someone's life hell in the process. I've read it before at WordDogs (Glasgow's semi-regular spoken word event), and it involves a couple of cheap "special effects" - meaning bits of paper and post-it notes! Ten people made it through to the final, including fellow Read Rawers, Wullie Purcell and George Walker (better known in writing circles as G. W. Colkitto). Wullie got an honourable mention by the judges at the end, as did George who was last to read and left everyone laughing with his tale involving an amorous encounter which also features a home-made sex robot/doll/thing!

The standard of the final was very high on the night, and you never know when it comes to something being judged just what people will like, so I was chuffed, surprised and a little bit shell-shocked to win. The Scotia is one of the oldest and best pubs in Glasgow (in one of the city's oldest streets), and has a long history of being involved with writing and music, so I'm delighted and honoured to win their first short story competition, and have my name on the glass trophy, winners medal, and the cash prize will come in very handy. It was probably just as well that the WIlliams Brothers tasty beer "March of the Penguins" which had been a guest ale during the heat was no longer available on the final night as it does lead to being a little bit tongue-tied!

The Scotia's website can be found at:



Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Mon, March 21, 2011 09:31:30

I have to sing the praises of "The Gloaming" magazine from Canada who accepted one of my PJ Harvey inspired poems called "Meet Ze Monsta". That alone is cause for joy. Not only do they pay, but Angela Roberts, the managing editor sent me a contract all the way from Canada with an addressed envelope and an international reply coupon to sent the contract back to her. If only other publishers were so thoughtful. You can catch "The Gloaming" at


March is here

Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Sun, March 20, 2011 14:56:00

March so far has been an interesting Month for Read Raw. Mo continues to labour away in Books in the West with two events to organise. All this while finalising her poetry collection. She has also been one of Jim Ferguson’s guest poets for the launch of Soldier’s Return in the Scotia Bar, an evening which started well when George won the Tenner Poetry Slam and continued on its successful vein with the launch introduced by Ian. The book was well received. Copies are available this month at the launch price of £5 so email to the site to order.

Also at the Scotia is the short story competition. Wullie, Ian and George are in the final on March 23rd. In the opinion of most Mo should be there as well.

In a busy period of performance Mo, Wullie and George read at the Ivory, Ian having been one of the featured readers in February. Wullie and George were honoured to take part in a charity night at the Griffin Bar in Glasgow for Revive MS Scotland. Wullie gave a stand out performance of his fishing fleet poems. If you have not heard this you must for he weaves his poetry through song.


Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Sat, March 12, 2011 19:25:22

From Ian's blog entry at his website

"Thanks to Jim Steel, Interzone Book Editor and member of the mighty Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle for giving me the heads up that one of my Roam Belanger, albino vampire stories - "The Circle" - which appeared in "Dark Horizons 55" has made Ellen Datlow's honourable mentions list for "Best New Horror", which is the second time that's happened to the albino one, and should act as a spur for me to finish off more of his tales, and unleash them on an unsuspecting world."

2010 and all that

Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Tue, March 08, 2011 14:28:16

I've been meaning to do this for ages, and as 2011 is marching on here are some of the writing highlights for me from 2010.

The "biggie" was attending the World Horror Covention in March at Brighton - the first time the convention had been held outside North America, resulting in death threats being made to organiser Steve Jones (Steve is the UK's Mr. Horror, you probably haven't heard of him, but he is a human tornado and edits the annual (and essential) "Best New Horror"). The big guests at the convention were the likes of James Herbert and Neil Gaiman and Graham Masterton, and many of the top horror writers from all over the world. I had the daunting task of being the convention's first reader, which was great fun - some people thought I was doing stand-up! Still, on the reading front, during the year I read at two WordDogs (Glasgow's spoken word event), the first called "Weird Love" and the other was inspired by Halloween, and because of National Poetry Day, I took part in several poetry events towards the end of the year, running workshops at schools or with writers groups and even read on the trams at Summerlee Industrial Heritage park.

Writing-wise, I continued to get stories and poems published, particularly the latter and some of them in America, and even got paid for a few of them - always cause for joy. A collection of my "used" poems called "Second Hand Poems" also came out last year. Poems, somehow, seem to be easier to write and market, but I need to get the head down on the story writing front - I've got too many half-finished stories and a folder full of stories "crittered" by the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle that need corrected and sent out as I've found that "crittered" stories tend to do well - must be the GSFWC stamp of approval.

Finally, I contiue to be poetry editor for "Dark Horizons" and book reviewer for "Interzone", the UK's premier science fiction magazine, as well as being a reviewer for "Concatenation" and started reviewing DVDs for "Video Vista". More importantly, I finished and sent out a young adult novel which is still out there, taking it's chances in the big bad world, and I was chuffed to end the year as one of The Horror Zine's featured poets for January 2011 which was a nice way to start the new year.

Here's to more adventures in 2011.

Ian (

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