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Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Sat, August 06, 2011 15:32:45

Apologies for the gap in the news. It is not that we have been doing nothing but that fates have a habit of ganging up on us. Mo and George have decided to close the bookshop in West Kilbride. The shutters come down at the end of August. We hope to have a read Raw bash in the shop so watch the site for details. Meantime stock is reduced by 50% so if you feel like a day out down the coast have a browse.

Last year we organised events in Paisley in celebration of Robert Tannahill and as part of this a poetry wall was set up in the town centre. In conjunction with Renfrewshire Museums and Arts, Read Raw Press are producing a collection of the best poetry from the wall along with some guest poets. Wullie has been busy getting this ready for the printer. We rather take for granted his ability to do this and run the website and all this while fighting off one of those summer bugs.

Early September you can hear Read Raw reading at the Callendar Poetry Weekend.

Read Raw Wanderings

Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Fri, May 27, 2011 21:17:47

West End Wurdz in Paisley had an event in the Ashtrees House Hotel. Tracy Patrick, Pauline Vallance, Kathryn Dally and Alan Steel headlined and then there was an open mic. Great afternoon entertainment and a full house. First time I have been in the Hotel and it is a beautiful place just off Paisley High Street.

On Sunday Mo and I visited another hidden gem, the Cathedral of the Isles in Millport. What made it even better was that there was a Recital of pieces by Mozart, Schumann, Chausson and Saint-Saens by Fergus Hetherington ( violin and viola) and Olga Gorelik ( piano). Clearly Millport knows a must-hear performance and Fergus and Olga delighted the large audience. Monday at ‘Book in the West’ there was an event for three poets, Jim Carruth, Betty McKellar and Jack Hastie which had the shop full. Wednesday I was up in Glasgow at the Tron Theatre Bar and read a couple of poems on current themes, the Straus-Kahn controversy and the Scottish Parliament Elections and again there was a good crowd.

There is a range of live performance at the moment of fantastic quality, go out and enjoy it.


Food and Nibbled Nails

Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Wed, May 04, 2011 01:47:03

Mo has been a busy lady. On Saturday the RR crew along with Linda, Ian’s wife, and Ritchie and Iris were at her place for dinner. Ritchie, Iris and I go back to the previous century and I was glad of the opportunity for them to meet my fellow scribblers. We had a great night, good food and lively conversation is always a winner, wine and real ale helps. Then on Sunday Mo was on the Politics Show on the BBC being interviewed about the Hunterston power station, nice pictures of the shop, and Mo scrubbed up nice too..

Last Wednesday seems long ago. Wullie, Mo and I were performing in the Griffin Bar in Glasgow. We were invited by our good friend Aidan Maceoin. He was accompanied by Fergus and Will - more about this is on Mo’s blog at

End April/beginning May has been deadline for a number of submissions so now it is the wait to see if any have been successful.


Ain't technology wonderful

Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Fri, April 15, 2011 22:03:22

A crit night with a difference. Eleanor, who carries the blame of introducing me to my fellows at Read Raw, has forsaken us for the sunshine of Spain but missed the wit and repartee of Read Raw gatherings (not to mention the visit to local hostelries afterward). This was solved by the wonders of Skype. After the first few minutes we forgot that Eleanor was sitting in Spain and not at the end of the table. Interesting night of readings but I also have a few ideas from the Skype experience for future writing.


April Showers

Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Fri, April 08, 2011 16:39:33

April is here and Read Raw continue with their regular meetings of support and criticism. Wullie has been showing his talent extends to motor mechanic with resurrection of an ailing Volkswagen Corrado ( source of much envy I must add - car and the talent ) Mo is basking in the success of the two major events at the bookshop in West Kilbride where Lord Douglas astounded with his recitations of Morte D’Arthur and The Wasteland. Both performances which it was a privilege to hear. Ian’s recent achievements have appeared in earlier blogs. I am trying to sort out my writing; some to finish, some to edit, some to submit. Problem is it is easier to start on another idea.


2010 - A quick look back

Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Fri, February 18, 2011 00:13:49

Well, that’s 2010 gone, so what happened from a Read Raw point of view. Quite a lot actually. One of our major involvements was brought about by the Tannahill celebrations in Paisley. Read Raw were involved in organising five open mic events throughout Paisley culminating in the final event at Paisley Arts Centre. All were well attended and a number of local poet’s emerged and read their work.

We also set up a “Poetry Wall” in the Paisley Centre where poems by Tannahill, poems inspired by Tannahill, poems by local people and schoolchildren were displayed in the windows of a vacant shop unit.

An interactive display was also set up in Paisley Museum and Art Gallery which included selected poetry from the Wall and local schools.

Read Raw Press also published “The Soldiers Return” by Jim Ferguson.

On National Poetry Day we tied up with Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival reading our own work in the Paisley Centre. This was followed by a successful poetry workshop.

For Glasgow Poetry Week we organised an event titled Poetry in the Raw at the Cafe Hula in Hope Street in Glasgow. We added a competition to spice up the evening which was won by Tracy Patrick The prize was a £30 book token from Books in the West - the bookshop in West Kilbride run by our own Mo Blake.

GW and Wullie managed to get to the final of The Scotia Bar Poet Laureate competition, losing out to one of our Featured Poets, Jim Ferguson, who was outstanding on the night.

Among other things Ian had three poems accepted - "Before We Meet", "The Faerie Stones" and "Meet Ze Monsta" - by three US magazines. His review of "Vampire Empire 1: The Greyfriar" appeared in the the latest issue of "Interzone" which is the UK's leading science fiction and fantasy magazine, and the latest issue of the British Fantasy Society's magazine "Dark Horizons" appeared in February for which Ian is poetry editor. The Dark Horizon guidelines can be found at :-

What else happened? Well GW, Ian and Mo all read at two Word Dogs events in Glasgow; GW was delighted to be invited to contribute a poem to Jack Hastie's collection 'Diamonds in the Mind' and to be part of poets against the government cuts in 'Emergency Verse' He also had work published

Not to be outdone, Mo performed at various venues including Stranraer, The Ivory in Glasgow and read her own work at a performance evening for the West Kilbride Poetry Circle.

In addition we attended on a 'when we could manage basis' as visitors or performing at Weegie Wednesday, Poetry at The Ivory, Café Hula, Mirrorball and anywhere else we could get to.

Hi from GW

Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Sat, January 15, 2011 15:44:19


Seemed a pity to leave all this blogging to Wullie so here is a first for G W.

Mo has been off regaling the poetry group in West Kilbride which follows on from a barnstorming performance in Dumfries in December. She runs the bookshop in West Kilbride so drop in.

Wullie, Mo and I are in the current issue of Earth Love - poetry pamphlet. All proceeds go to charities working for preservation and conservation of the environment.

Ian as usual has numerous projects afoot including working on an entry for the Debut Dagger. The deadline is 5th February so it is a busy time for him. Last night was one of our regular crits so I have a bit of work to do myself. Who will Blog next - Ah if we only knew


Welcome to the Blog

Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Mon, January 03, 2011 00:56:38

Hi Everyone

I suppose the first thing to do is update you all on what 's happening. In truth, not a lot at the moment. I've been stuck in bed dying with the flu and haven't been able to do much on the site for the past three weeks so apologies for the lack of action and updates.

Ian has been struggling with frozen water supplies.

Mo has been invaded by relatives from the south and other sundry directions.

GW has been doing GW things including looking after two unwell dogs and trying to thaw out his campervan. All this in the midst of not knowing where anything is following his recent house move.

What do we hope to do with the blog? Well anything really but mainly too keep up with what's happening on the Read Raw front, events attended and who was there, publications, what you are doing, things that are happening.

A happy and prosperous New Year to all our visitors and we look forward to your comments

The Read Raw crew

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