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Hi from GW

Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Sat, January 15, 2011 15:44:19


Seemed a pity to leave all this blogging to Wullie so here is a first for G W.

Mo has been off regaling the poetry group in West Kilbride which follows on from a barnstorming performance in Dumfries in December. She runs the bookshop in West Kilbride so drop in.

Wullie, Mo and I are in the current issue of Earth Love - poetry pamphlet. All proceeds go to charities working for preservation and conservation of the environment.

Ian as usual has numerous projects afoot including working on an entry for the Debut Dagger. The deadline is 5th February so it is a busy time for him. Last night was one of our regular crits so I have a bit of work to do myself. Who will Blog next - Ah if we only knew