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Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Fri, May 27, 2011 21:17:47

West End Wurdz in Paisley had an event in the Ashtrees House Hotel. Tracy Patrick, Pauline Vallance, Kathryn Dally and Alan Steel headlined and then there was an open mic. Great afternoon entertainment and a full house. First time I have been in the Hotel and it is a beautiful place just off Paisley High Street.

On Sunday Mo and I visited another hidden gem, the Cathedral of the Isles in Millport. What made it even better was that there was a Recital of pieces by Mozart, Schumann, Chausson and Saint-Saens by Fergus Hetherington ( violin and viola) and Olga Gorelik ( piano). Clearly Millport knows a must-hear performance and Fergus and Olga delighted the large audience. Monday at ‘Book in the West’ there was an event for three poets, Jim Carruth, Betty McKellar and Jack Hastie which had the shop full. Wednesday I was up in Glasgow at the Tron Theatre Bar and read a couple of poems on current themes, the Straus-Kahn controversy and the Scottish Parliament Elections and again there was a good crowd.

There is a range of live performance at the moment of fantastic quality, go out and enjoy it.



Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Sun, May 22, 2011 13:27:35

Hal Duncan's "A to Z of the Fantastic City", is coming out from Small Beer Press publishers of the mighty "Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet", among other things.

Cities that get a look in include Byzantium, Further, Interzone, Metropolis, R'yleh, Sodom, and Xanadu, and many more, and apart from Hal's contribution, there are illustrations by polymath, Eric Schaller (I mean that because he's a scientist, fiction writer and illustrator), and there's also an introduction by noted expert Henry V. Duncan - could he be related to Al? We'll see.

Looks a lot of fun and only costs $10, or $25 for the special edition.

Hal Duncan is the author or "Vellum" and "Ink" and "Escape from Hell" and the poetry collection "Sonnets for Orpheus" and you can find out more about him at the place where he rambles on.

Very essential, as Frank Zappa once said to someone who came up on stage and recited a poem about Broadmoor.


Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Sat, May 14, 2011 16:18:31

Ian's son, Alex, was born 18 years ago today, after a long and difficult birth which inspired him to write a poem called "Grey Baby", which appeared in "New Writing Scotland", and now appears in the "Vaults" section at Ian's website here:

with explanatory notes in his blog, here:


Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Mon, May 09, 2011 23:29:55

Ian is a member of the Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle and has just posted a mega post about what's happening with some of the members:


Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Fri, May 06, 2011 08:30:17

Ian reviews movies for VideoVista - and the new issue has just been posted with his reviews of "Tekken", based on the computer game and anime series; "Psych Series 3", the comedy/crime series about a brilliant detective who pretends to by psychic; and "Woochi The Demon Slayer", a fantastic Korean martial arts/magic movie. There are also reviews from other writers, including Ian's fellow Glasgow Science Fiction Writers Circle member (and "Interzone" book's editor) Jim Steel, and also Ian Sales who is editing a new book for Mutation Press called "Rocket Science" which will feature realistic, hard science stories about what space travel is really like, see here for more details

Food and Nibbled Nails

Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Wed, May 04, 2011 01:47:03

Mo has been a busy lady. On Saturday the RR crew along with Linda, Ian’s wife, and Ritchie and Iris were at her place for dinner. Ritchie, Iris and I go back to the previous century and I was glad of the opportunity for them to meet my fellow scribblers. We had a great night, good food and lively conversation is always a winner, wine and real ale helps. Then on Sunday Mo was on the Politics Show on the BBC being interviewed about the Hunterston power station, nice pictures of the shop, and Mo scrubbed up nice too..

Last Wednesday seems long ago. Wullie, Mo and I were performing in the Griffin Bar in Glasgow. We were invited by our good friend Aidan Maceoin. He was accompanied by Fergus and Will - more about this is on Mo’s blog at

End April/beginning May has been deadline for a number of submissions so now it is the wait to see if any have been successful.



Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Wed, April 27, 2011 19:57:44

As the week rolls on, I've been posting blasts from the past on my website - old work inspired by the Royal Family that appeared in places like "Nasty Piece of Work". Last night was "Di-lluminations", the night before was "The Queen Mother's Brain is 100". Tomorrow it will probably be "A Year in the Life of the Queen Mother's Hip Joint" which appeared in "Deliberately Thirsty", but tonight it's "Prince Harry for King":



Welcome to the BlogPosted by Read Raw Ltd Tue, April 26, 2011 12:06:58

No, I'm not going, but in the past I have been inspired by the Royal Family, so all this week, I will be posting blasts from the past at my website, starting with "The Queen Mother's Brain is 100" a poem which was published in "Suspended in the Dreamtime" and the late, lamented "Nasty Piece of Work".

You can find the "brain" here:

The next offering, posted tonight will be "Di-lluminations".

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